What is Slim?

Slim is a non-stimulating fat burner and nutrient partitioning formula that combines the supplementation of T2 with glucose disposal agents & other lipolytic compounds to promote a leaner body composition.

When should I take Slim?

1 capsule of Slim should be consumed 10-15 minutes prior to a well balanced meal (2 to 3 times a day); it is not recommended to take Slim in a fasted state. (Empty Stomach)

What is T2?

3,5 Diiodo-L-thyronine is the chemical name for T2. T2 is not a prohormone, like T4 is to T3; instead, T2 is a supplement that adds a thyroid hormone to the human body. Also, unlike T3 and T4, supplementation with T2 will NOT inhibit thyroid production.

The addition of T2 into Slim's formula is to assist in a healthy metabolism and to assist large spikes in nutrient intake for those using Slim to grow; which yes, is possible!

Slim- Glucose Disposal / Fat Burner

    • Maximize Insulin Utilization
    • Improved Glucose Metabolism
    • Increased Fat Loss
    • Shuttles Carbs Efficiently